Dutch Peppermint Hot Chocolate

A delightful minty twist on the traditional Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate that can be made in under a minute.

Makes: 1 cup

Serving Size: 1 cup 

Total cook time: 1 minute in microwave or 5 minutes on the stove


1 Tbsp. of our Dutch Cocoa Powder

1 Tbsp.of Sugar

1 cup of Milk, heated but not boiled

1 spoonful of Whipped Cream (if desired) 

1 Candy Cane

Heat the 1 cup of milk in either the microwave or a sauce pan to desired warmth. Mix all of the Dutch Cocoa Powder and sugar together in a mug until blended. Slowly add in the warm milk making sure to stir all the ingredients together to prevent a clumpy drink. Top off the drink with a spoonful of whipped cream if desired and enjoy. Lastly snap the candy cane in half crushing one part and sprinkling it over the top of the drink. Save the other half whole as a stir stick and yummy decoration.