Spice Set, Gourmet Sea Salts- CLEARANCE

1.25 lb
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A very flavorful set of salts from all over the world. Sea salts contain minerals that our bodies use, making them much healthier for you than refined table salts.

  • Hawaiian Coarse-An all-natural combination of pure, solar-evaporated sea salt from the Pacific Ocean and purified alae clay, harvested from the island of Kauai. This colorful salt is highly sought after for its Hawaiian-inspired flair and delicious flavor. 
  • Himalayan Coarse-Salt experts believe that this is the purest form of salt available. has a rich mineral content with more than 84 minerals and trace elements including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium. High grade Himalayan Salt crystals range in color from sheer white to various shades of pink, to deep dark reds. This salt is highly sought after for its spectacular pinkish pink color, high mineral content and for its therapeutic properties. Goes well with soups, stews, pasta, salads, vegetables, seafood and grains.
  • Hickory Smoked-an all-natural, hickory-smoked flake sea salt. using Pacific flake sea salt and real, untreated hickory wood, this sea salt is the delicious result of a cold smoking process, which imbues the sea salt with the distinctive aroma & taste of hickory. The small flakes work wonderfully when mixed into rubs for grilling pork, steak or lamb, and beyond the BBQ, this savory smoked salt is a perfect complement to marinara sauces or Southern-style dishes.
  • Mediterranean Flake-Produced off the coast of Cyprus from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the sparkling pyramid-shaped crystals are uncommonly large, surprisingly robust white flakes. Despite the large size of the flakes, they dissolve evenly in sauces and soups, but can also work as an eye-catching finishing salt to garnish fish and vegetable dishes, or to add some architectural beauty to the top of brownies.