Israeli Makura Leccino Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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An olive, originally native to Tuscany, this oil has a gentle aroma, a bright fruitiness, a hint of grass, and a medium intensity.

Located in the Carmel Heights in northern Israel and established in 1979, Makura is one of the first farms in Israel to grow organic olives. Father and son Guy and Stav Rilov intentionally use minimal irrigation to produce flavorful olive oil, high in antioxidants. The Rilovs have learned that too much irrigation reduces antioxidant levels. Guy Rilov says that he is farming for antioxidants as much as for delicious olive oil. Guy and Stav are dedicated to high quality and environmental stewardship. Makura olive oil and olives are certified organic by the USDA and certified kosher by the regional rabbi of the Carmel Heights.

 Available only in a 500mL bottle.