Cocktails, Balsamic Gift Set for Gin, Tequila & Vodka

1.98 lb
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A regular Sour Cocktail (also known as a Shrub in the South) follows a simple formula, 1 part Sweet to 1 part Sour to 2 parts Spirit.  The sweet and sour parts can slide up and down depending on your tastes and the ingredients you are using.

We use a ratio of 1.5-2 parts Balsamic to 1 part Sweet to 2 parts Spirits in our recipes for the cocktails. The recipes were created in collaboration with The Alchemist Bar in Downtown White Bear Lake.  They are known for their creative and inspirational cocktails.

The Gift Bag includes four 100mL Bottles of Balsamic and a  Recipe Card with creative ideas, all in a jute bag.

  • Tropical Passion White Balsamic 
  • Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic
  • Pomegranate Dark Balsamic
  • Strawberry Peach White Balsamic