Enchilada Seasoning

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Enchilada Seasoning delivers tremendous flavor and entertaining heat. Sweet, mild paprika is the base for this seasoning, a gentle, welcoming backdrop for the earthy depth of cumin and the pungency of onion and garlic. Citrusy coriander and the complex mint-and-pepper vibrancy of Mexican oregano elevate this blend, while ground chiles add a bit of raisiny fruit and playful heat. 

Use this blend to make your own enchilada sauce by blending with tomato sauce and broth, which is added to a roux for thickening. Add directly to shrimp, chicken, or beef for a tasty sauté. Rub over pork butt and roast for pulled pork enchiladas. Mix with ground turkey for amazing turkey burgers. Use about 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat. Sprinkle Enchilada Seasoning over scrambled eggs or mix into rice. Make a Tex-Mex pasta salad with black beans and corn tossed in enchilada seasoning. Toss over skewered onions and grill. Use this seasoning for a new twist on roasted peppers in the dish peperonata, or use as a base for the beef stew ropa vieja or for either chicken or vegetarian tortilla soup.

Hand blended from paprika, onion, garlic, Serrano, cumin, sea salt, demerara sugar, Ancho, Pasilla, coriander and oregano.

One ounce hand packed in bag.