Everything Bagel Seasoning

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Super flavorful and quite popular, Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning is has a nice savory garlic and onion flavor, with a wonderful crunch from the sesame and poppy seeds.  

Use it on everything from homemade bagels to pasta. If you enjoy fettuccini alfredo, you can add some of this to the sauce for an intense, flavorful boost. It's so good with cheesy, creamy dishes, you could even put it in thick soups like cream of mushroom.

This seasoning blend is even great with cottage cheese. Take a heaping scoop of cottage cheese and add just a pinch or two of the organic everything bagel seasoning. The crunch from the seasoning blend is wonderful with the softer texture of the cheese, making for a fascinating flavor experience.

This blend is great with many different dishes, including smoked salmon or other fish dishes. It's even good on hot dogs! Put some in your bun before you add your hot dog and other toppings and be surprised by the lovely flavor this will add to the savory hot dog and sweeter bun.

Hand blended with coarse sea salt, organic poppy seeds, organic minced garlic, organic minced onion, and organic sesame seeds.

One ounce hand packed in bag.