Glass Canisters - CLEARANCE

1.5 lb
SKU: 100

54 ounce and 64 ounce containers available.

Stackable Square Glass Canisters just make sense. The stacking, modular design complements the space efficient square shape, allowing you to store more while requiring less counter or shelf space. These airtight containers come in graduated sizes, each with a lift-off lid for easy access. The clear glass allows for instant identification of the contents. They're perfect for storing staples on the counter or presenting homemade gifts.

  • A silicone gasket provides an airtight seal

We used the 54 ounce canisters in our stores and changed to smaller canisters. These canisters look brand new, as they were gently used.  The 64 ounce canisters have never been used. 

These canisters sell for 6.99-12.99 wholesale on the internet.