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These Hot Sauces are 86% pepper mash, well above the usual 19% pepper mash of other well-known hot sauces.  So much more flavor! Organically grown peppers, naturally raised, USA product.  Part of their proceeds goes to veteran organizations.

Dead Red: Heat Index 3/5, Medium Heat. Our classic signature product. Made from Louisiana-grown, fully ripe red cayenne peppers hand-picked at exactly that right time, and then salted down and aged until the mash is perfect for conversion and bottling. An all-natural product that is almost 90% cayenne peppers, this sauce packs a truly authentic, fresh cayenne flavor that will be very different when compared to other sauces that typically have a stronger concentration of vinegar. Depending upon each growing season's weather patterns, heat (1-10) will range between 6-7. This sauce won't melt your brain, but depending upon your palate, you may need to reach for a cold beverage.  INGREDIENTS: American-Grown Cayenne Peppers, Distilled White Vinegar, Salt, Garlic

Maple Mayhem: Heat Index 3/5, Medium Heat.  This all-natural, habanero-infused maple syrup, the perfect balance of sweet and heat, is made from the highest quality ingredients. Vermont's maple trees provide the sweet, and our lightly salted, sun-dried ground habanero pepper mash provides the heat. There are no preservatives, chemicals, or thickeners of any kind. Use your imagination with Maple Mayhem: maple-glazed salmon, chicken and waffles, grilled brussel sprouts, or caramelized pork chops; the possibilities are endless. Should be refrigerated after opening.

Danger Close: Heat Index 3.5/5, Strong Heat.  Index Our newest flavor, Danger Close is a magical blend of red cayenne and orange habanero peppers. We think it's the PERFECT sauce for making buffalo wings--it packs a strong cayenne flavor, but also brings a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat. More heat than our best-seller, Dead Red, but it won't melt your brain like a heavy dose of Shock & Awe. 

Grunt Green: Heat Index 2.5/5, Medium Heat.  We discovered almost by accident that green cayenne peppers picked just before they turn red can bring a truly unique, tangy, earthy flavor; still carries the same fresh flavor as Dead Red, and that same rich concentration of all-natural cayenne peppers. Much of the harvesting of the green peppers happens at the end of a growing season, when these mature, perfectly balanced (but somewhat stubborn) peppers decide to stay green. A "late heat" that won't jump out at you right away, very popular at the breakfast table, the perfect balance of flavor and heat.

Shock and Awe: Heat Index 4/5, The Hottest.  Not for the faint of heart, this sauce was a special request from our beloved heat freak fans that we have since opened up to the rest of the universe. Made with almost 90% American-grown orange habaneros (we liked that flavor the best from all our testing), you'll get a unique punch of deep, powerful, sustained heat that is offset by a sweet aroma and taste. Many of our fans will use this sauce to "spike" Dead Red when making wings.

Hooah Jalapeno: Heat Index 2/5, Mild-Medium Heat.  Carefully blended from precisely aged, American-grown peppers. HOOAH Jalapeño carries a mild-medium heat profile, and is a versatile flavor that can be used anywhere. We love it on tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and (our favorite) scrambled eggs. If you want rich pepper flavor with just a casual hint of heat, you found the right product.

Box for Hot Sauces: The best way to package these grenades! Wooden box made especially by and for The General Hot Sauce Company. Very nice keepsake for a really great present. This is for the box only and will only be sold when you purchase three hot sauces to go into it.