Kickin' Chicken Dry Rub

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With the mild, molasses-y flavor of brown sugar and the warm, welcoming earthiness of paprika, our Kickin’ Chicken dry rub combines old-fashioned, feel-good flavors with a bit of heat. Bold with aromatic garlic and the sweet pungency of onion, this dry rub goes from sugar’s rich sweetness and paprika’s mellow warmth, to the peppery bite of red pepper flakes. Garlic, onion and onion take over the middle ground, bolstered by the pop of salt. This rub finishes with the pleasantly bitter herbaceousness of celery seed.

Rub Kickin’ Chicken dry rub onto chicken or pork and load them right onto the grill. Mix with balsamic vinegar and honey for a sweet-and-sour glaze and enjoy some wings. Coat pork loin in Kickin’ Chicken and put in the slow-cooker for a low-maintenance, high-flavor pulled pork. Toss rub over cubed chicken and bake, then add to cheesy nachos drizzled with barbecue sauce and jalapeños. This rub also goes beautifully over rich fish like salmon, so sprinkle it over salmon and bake, or stir into ground salmon for flavorful burgers. Coat sliced cauliflower in Kickin’ Chicken for cauliflower steaks. Season drained tofu with Kickin’ Chicken, skewer, and grill, or make a glaze with Kickin’ Chicken and broth and put it over pan-seared tempeh.

Blended with domestic paprika, brown sugar, sugar, sea salt, red pepper flakes, yellow mustard, garlic, onion and celery seed.

One ounce hand packed in bag.