Lemongrass, Powder Organic

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Pale green and fibrous, our Lemongrass Powder has a sweet, invigorating lemon-lime perfume. This fragrant tropical grass delivers the tart flavors of lemon—and a bit of lime—floating in a cloud of gentle, evocative mint, tinged with the sweet floral musk of jasmine. Dried lemongrass has an essential oil content of approximately 2% by weight; that essential oil is primarily composed of citral, the chemical compound that is also responsible for lemon flavors in the lemon tea-tree and lemon verbena.

Add Lemongrass Powder to garlic and sauté to make larb, a lamb salad with shallots and cilantro. Use cauliflower instead of larb for a vegetarian salad. Stir into the puree for shrimp toasts. Add to a beef and noodle stew, with soy sauce and ginger. Mix into ground pork for Vietnamese pork patties served in lettuce cups. Blend into sweet potato and coconut soup. Make mushroom ramen. Steep in cream for lemongrass panna cotta. Mix with ginger and sugar for a lemongrass granita. Bake into madeleines. Stir into gin or vodka and steep for three days to infuse.

A teaspoon of lemongrass powder is approximately equal to one stalk of fresh lemongrass.

Grown in Thailand.