Olio Nuovo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1.48 lb
SKU: 12033

Cold off the presses--Sevilliano!! Experience the difference fresh makes. Dubbed "Olio Nuovo" in Italy, the "New Oil" has a distinct fresh flavor, with a beautiful green color, delectable grassy character, and a "pizziante" finish? Artisan crafted with a fully fruity flavor with a hint of stone fruit. Well balanced bitterness and pungency. 

Sevillano olives are harvested early for a unique "fruit-forward" grassy flavor, reminiscent of a wheatgrass shot! However, super-fresh Sevillano retains a smooth finish with very little bitterness or 'burn'.  It's ideal for dipping (try it with rustic breads), drizzling, and dressings because of its distinctive fruitiness.  Best enjoyed with friends and family :)

November 2022 Harvest.

This limited addition 375mL organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the kind connoisseurs love and is fresh from the mill to celebrate the new harvest. With its aromatic scent and peppery taste giving way to fruity and bitter finishes its no wonder its in high demand.