Pitmaster Series, Smoked Salts

1.89 lb
SKU: 276

A robust set of naturally smoked sea salts, ready to add flavor to your next smoking or grilling endeavor.  This set includes nine 2-ounce tins of smoked salts that have been smoked for 7 days using Alderwood, Applewood, or Hickory. A beautiful set, placed in a nice compartmentalized box with a read bow, ready for gifting.

This set includes:
Smoked Applewood Sea Salt
Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt
Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
Smoked Onion Sea Salt
Smoked Garlic Sea Salt
Smoky Citrus Sea Salt
Smoked Peppered Bacon Sea Salt
Smoked Bacon Cajun Sea Salt
Smoked Bacon, Chipotle & Habanero Sea Salt