Spice Set, Campfire In A Jar

1.53 lb
SKU: 215

 The beauty of naturally cold smoked salts (not those that add an artificial "smoked flavoring") is that they can add a grilled flavor to just about any dish without needing a grill.

  • Hickory Smoked-This is the salt that gave this set its name! Has a savory smoky flavor. Our hickory salt is slow smoked over hickory wood fires and can be added to homemade beef jerky, burgers, chicken, cheese dips, gravy, nut meats, potatoes, ribs, stuffing and turkey.
  • Pacific Smoked-Salish smoked salt is a preparation of Pacific Northwest sea salt produced through a smoking process over low heat alderwood fires. The flavor of the salt produced in this process is out of this world and has become many a chefs go-to method of adding smoky flavor to dishes without compromising the overall natural flavor integrity. Great when used as a rub for roast chicken and fish as well as barbecued salmon with a little brown sugar. A deep smoky flavor. All natural.
  • Applewood Smoked- Has a savory flavor that is light, sweet and a bit fruity. Smoked Applewood Salt is mild enough to use on bacon, chicken, eggs, fish, ham, pork, shellfish, sausage and is wonderful on vegetables. Smoked Applewood Salt may also become the secret ingredient when added to burgers, chicken, cheese dips, gravy, homemade jerky, potatoes, ribs, stuffing and turkey.
  • Citrus Smoked-A smoky flavor and hints of zesty citrus notes. This can be used on chicken, fish, pork, shrimp stir fries, roasted or steamed vegetables and even on the rim of a margarita glass!