Spice Set, Chicken Little

1.16 lb
SKU: 212

Whether the bird is baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, poached, or air-fried, combine it with a wide range of spices, herbs and seasonings to create an almost endless supply of nutritious and flavorful meals. Grade A, Class 1 spices.

  • Cuckoo's Nest Rub-Season 2-4 hours before use. One Tablespoon per pound of meat.  Hand blended with black pepper, garlic, onion, Hatch Big Jim chile flakes, shallots, oregano, and sage.  Salt-free  Sugar-free
  • Kickin' Chicken Rub-A delightful chicken dry rub that has just a small hint of heat. Hand blended from domestic paprika, brown sugar, sugar, sea salt, red pepper flakes, yellow mustard, garlic, onion and celery seed.
  • Sweet Tweetie Rub-Season 2-4 hours before use. One Tablespoon per pound of meat. Hand blended with brown sugar, garlic, onion, sugar, sea salt, rosemary, red pepper flakes, paprika, brown mustard, ginger root, yellow mustard powder, and ground nutmeg.
  • Honey Chipotle-Sweet heat!  Can be used on all kinds of meat, but is especially suitable for chicken. Try it on beef, pork, and fish as well. Try it on vegetables and even some pasta dishes, like macaroni and cheese. Hand blended from granulated honey, sea salt, onion, paprika, chipotle powder, and Italian seasoning.