Spice Set, Master Griller

1.45 lb
SKU: 256

For the grill and smoker enthusiast, there's nothing like the taste of a slow cooked rib.  Only Grade A, Class 1 spices are used in any of our sets.

  • Kansas City BBQ Rub-Season 2-4 hours before use. One Tablespoon per pound of meat, allow to sit for 4-6 hours, but 24 hours for the best results. Hand blended from paprika, garlic, salt, turbinado sugar, coriander,  cumin, mustard, black pepper, celery, thyme, sage, clove, and oregano.
  • Applewood Chipotle Rub-Use this on everything from chicken to salmon to ribs. Use about 1 Tablespoon of dry rub per pound of chicken or pork. For fish, about ½ that amount would be enough to start out with. Hand blended from granulated honey, smoked apple wood sea salt, paprika, garlic, onion, chipotle powder, black pepper and chipotle flakes.
  • Memphis-Style Dry Rib Rub-Use 1 tablespoon per pound of meat. For best results let it set for a full 24 hours in the fridge before cooking. Hand blended from domestic paprika, onion, garlic, basil, yellow mustard, cayenne pepper and black pepper.
  • St. Louis Rib Rub-St. Louis style pork steaks these should be slow grilled until done and then brushed with or dipped in St. Louis BBQ sauce and returned to the grill for caramelizing, turning frequently. Hand blended from brown sugar, domestic paprika, celery salt, garlic salt, hickory salt, onion powder, ancho chiles, red pepper flakes, fennel seed and black pepper.